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Common Skin Tag Causes and Treatments

Skin Tag CausesSkin tags though common in many people, can still be a cause of some embarrassment and even some irritation. Acrochordon, to give them their proper name, typically appear on the body as a small growth connected by a small stalk of connective tissue. These are normally the colour of surrounding skin, but can also be a darker colour. The areas most commonly affected by skin tags are the neck, eyes, groin and underarms, however any area where the skin rubs against other the flesh or clothing can cause these growths to appear. Friction is probably the most common of the skin tag causes for most people.

Skin tag causes can include obesity, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, hereditary causes and possibly problems with sugar metabolism. Acrochorda often develop over time and are therefore more common in middle age. They are usually not dangerous and most often have no underlying cause. It is important to remember, that if growths do have an underlying cause and you have them removed. It is quite possible that they will return, unless the underlying cause is addressed.

You may choose to have your skin tags removed because of their appearance, particularly when they are on or near the face. They may also be removed if they are causing irritation, pain or bleeding. Acrochorda may eventually die and fall off if they become twisted; this would normally be preceded by some irritation and possibly bleeding. In most people however this does not happen and skin tags often cause no symptoms at all.

Common methods of skin tag removal include being removed with liquid nitrogen, which freezes the growth, which will then fall off. The skin tag may be cut off by your doctor using scissors or a scalpel, though this may obviously lead to scarring. Cauterization is another common method used by dermatologists to remove an acrochordon. Another common method used involves tying cotton, string or fishing line around the tag to cut off of blood supply allowing it to die and then fall off. Common problems with these methods can include bleeding, scaring, discoloration and incomplete removal of the tag.

This skin condition is by and large harmless and causes most discomfort through appearance rather than any physical symptoms of pain or irritation. You can choose to remove an acrochordon with the help of a doctor though they can often be successfully removed on your own at home using inexpensive and relatively painless methods.

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